Saint Louis Gym Centre (SLGC) Parent Organization (PO) Guide

There is a lot of information for you to read in the newcomer’s packet given to you by the Gym Centre. This document is from the Parent Organization (PO) itself and is intended to clarify your relationship with and responsibilities relative to the PO.

We at St. Louis Gym Centre (SLGC) are proud to have both men as well as women on our Team. The SLGC PO represents and supports the Team. The PO and its Board are charged with raising funds and providing volunteer time to cover the many expenses and activities related to having a competitive team.



The PO is a committee of the Gym Centre. It is comprised of all team parents. The PO Board’s officers are team parents who have been elected by the PO members. In addition to the elected officers, the PO Board is comprised of at least one representative from each level of the men’s’ and women’s USAG teams (Level Rep) chosen by each level’s parents. The PO Board members volunteer extra time and effort to try to help things run smoothly for the benefit of the Team members.

The PO Board meets monthly, in the early evening, and its meetings are open to any team parent. Being a Level Rep requires attendance at Board meetings, communicating information to all of the parents at your child’s level, and bringing to the attention of the Board any issues from your level’s parents. Please consider becoming a level rep or sharing the position with someone else at your child’s level.

The Vice Presidents of the PO Board serve as meet directors for the meet sponsored by SLGC. There is a separate meet committee structure for this PO activity.



Your level rep is the person to contact if you need anything related to the PO. It is your responsibility to stay informed. In addition to getting information from your level representative, the following are other ways to stay informed and participate fully in the organization:

Check the PO Bulletin Board. Important notices and minutes of the Board Meetings are posted there.
Check your child’s mailbox frequently. It is located in the office.
Submit a question to the PO Board via the PO’s mailbox above the PO Bulletin Board.
Attend Board meetings.
Review the financial records available in the front office. Please note, however, you may not
remove these documents.



There are many team expenses above and beyond those for which the Gym Centre bills each team parent. The Gym Centre will bill you monthly for tuition and five times for gymnast-related “meet fees”. The listing below highlights the other expenses that are incurred due to having a competitive team and running a successful PO.



OTHER EXPENSES – There are some minor costs related to running an organization like the PO and its Board including making copies, producing annual meeting notices, etc.
EQUIPMENT – If and when the PO has money left over, the PO buys equipment for the team.
Some of the expenses highlighted above are covered by the SLGC PO through its fundraising efforts. Many gyms require parents to pay these costs outright.



In the past, fund-raising activities have included obtaining ads for the meet program/ad book, hosting Pampered Chef parties, and working at the Savvis Center. Currently there are several new fundraising initiatives under discussion. You may, at any time, address the Board and propose a new fundraising idea. We are always open to new ways to help to offset Team expenses.

In addition to the above, the PO, in conjunction with the gym sponsors at least one meet each year to raise funds for the Team. As the co-sponsor, the PO is responsible for running the meet including: preparing a program and selling ad space; publicity; decorations; procuring event sponsors and awards; providing a hospitality room for the judges and coaches; setting up and taking down the equipment; scoring; announcing; timing; and the list goes on. A meet committee, formed by the fall of each competition year, is responsible for managing the PO co-sponsored meet. In 2007-2008 there was one meet that required PO Meet Committee attention. Team families staff the meet.



In addition to fund-raising, team parents also volunteer time to the gym and the PO. The PO requires each team family to work a certain amount of time at the meet in addition to preparation and/or clean up for same. The PO Board decides on the amount of time. This is based on the size and duration of the meet. You will be notified at a later date of the amount of time required of all team families and the dates of the meet. Failure to meet your volunteer work obligations will result in a penalty determined by the PO Board.

In the past, we have also had a gym clean up day which is worked by everyone but does not count toward a family’s required volunteer commitment. You may hear more about all of this at a later time.

We at the PO want to welcome you to an exciting team of gymnasts, great coaches, obliging staff, and a good bunch of parents. We want you to know that we’re glad to have you on our PO team.