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What Do Gymnasts Wear?

Gymnasts need to wear closely fitted clothes free of zippers, snaps, and buttons. Most girl gymnasts wear leotards, SLGC consigns leotards in our Pro-Shop.  All gymnasts must have bare feet (no socks or tights).

What is the gymnast /coach ratio?

The gymnast coach ratio for ages 5 & older is 9:1; Preschool age 4 is 7:1, Preschool age 3 is 6:1.

What type of training do the coaches go through?

Coaches are certified in CPR, first aid, and have vast gymnastics knowledge.

Can parents stay and watch?

Yes, parents are able to stay in our bleacher section. Yet, we do have all emergency/home contacts on the registration form.

Do I need to call if we are missing a class?

You can call the office at 314-968-9494 but it is not necessary.  If you would like to schedule a make-up class, please call the office; all make-up classes are scheduled in advance and do fill up.

Do the kids ever perform?

Yes, once a year the kids have the opportunity to perform at our Mini-Olympics. The Mini-Olympics is in the spring.

Are you closed on holidays?

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween Evening, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Friday & Christmas

Do we take a spring break?

No.  We have children from several different school districts; therefore we are open for the full length of each session. We have make-up classes for gymnast of who are traveling during spring break.  Please call to schedule your make-up.

How do I tell if my child is progressing?

Our class system is set up so the gymnast, coach and parent are aware of all the skills earned in each class. The progressive and advanced classes have levels – blue, bronze, silver and gold. Each level has skills which the gymnasts earn during their class period. Each gymnast excels at their own level, which are skill specific. The coach marks off each of the skills after the gymnast achieve the skill, and then the gymnast receives stickers for the achieved skill. The gymnast will receive the stickers every two weeks. Then the gymnast can apply the skills to their level skill chart at home.

How do you get on a gymnastics team?

At SLGC we have many options for our rising stars. Your gymnast can be asked to our team by passing through the poster system in our advanced classes.

What are future stars?

The future star groups are a group of pre-team gymnasts. This is a select group of kids chosen from our progressive classes. The selection process varies but incorporates ability, body type, disposition, and behavior.