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St. Louis Gymnastics Centre
Women's Competitive Team

Women's U.S.A. Team - Level 3-Elite

St. Louis Gym Centre is home to State, Regional & National Champions.  Our team members are selected from the Recreational Future Stars Program.  Participation on teams is by invitation only.

Future Stars

Future Stars is a team development program for children 5-8 years old.  Enrollment is by invitation only.  Selection is not based on skills alone.  Criteria includes discipline, flexibility, strength, ability to accept correction and dedication, among others.

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Women's Fall Schedule 2014-2015

Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Hours Coaches

8:00am-10:30am   5 Julie,
3 4:50pm-7:50pm   4:10pm-7:10pm     10:40am-1:40pm   9 Julie,
4-A 4:10pm-8:10pm    4:10pm-7:10pm    4:10pm-7:10pm   9:50am-1:50pm   14 Carrie,
4-B   4:10pm-8:10pm   4:50pm-7:50pm 4:10pm-7:10pm   11:30pm-3:30pm   14 Carrie,
5 -A   4:10pm-8:10pm 4:10pm-8:10pm   3:30pm-7:30pm 12:10pm-4:10pm   16 Wendy,
5- A     4:10pm-8:10pm 4:10pm-8:10pm 3:30pm-7:30pm 12:10pm-4:10pm   16 Wendy,
7 & 8 3:30pm-7:30pm 3:30pm-6:30pm   3:30pm-7:30pm 3:30pm-7:30pm   11:30pm-4:30pm 20 Amy,
9/10 3:30pm-6:30pm 3:30pm-8:30pm 3:30pm-6:30pm 3:30pm-7:30pm   9:00am-2:00pm   20 Laura,
* This schedule will begin Monday, August 4, 2014  


Hours / Week Tuition
20 Hours $340.00
16 Hours $315.00
14 Hours $300.00
9 Hours $280.00
5 Hours $232.00
Deduct $5.00 if paid by the 10th of the month.

Meet Fees

Level Meet Fees
Level 10 $425.00
Level 9 $400.00
Level 8 $335.00
Level 7 $300.00
Level 5 $270.00
Level 4 $250.00
Level 3 $235.00
Due by the 15th of Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Jan., & Feb.


2013-2014 Meet Schedule

Date Meet Host Gym Levels Website
September 20-22 Region 4 Training Camp   Levels 8-10 www.region4gymnastics.com
October 20 Level 3 Intersquad SLGC    
October 26 Levels 3 & 4 Intersquad SLGC    
November 8-10 Horton Invite Illinois State University Levels 3-5 http://www.gymetc.com/index.php/general-information-horton
November 23 Levels 6-10 Intersquad SLGC    
 December 6-8 Barron Invitational St. Louis, MO Levels 3-5 www.barrongymnastics.com
December 13-15 Christmas on the Chesapeake Baltimore, MD Levels 7-10


January 11-12 SLGC "Meet Me in St. Louis" SLGC Levels 3-10 www.slgcmeetmeinstlouis.org
January 17-19 Chow's Invitational Chow's Levels 3-10, www.chowsboosterclub.com
january 31- February 2 Gateway Challenge Collinsville, IL Levels 3-10 www.gatewaychallenge.com
February14-16 Gym Quarters Invite Gym Quarters Levels 3-10 www.gymquarters.com
February 21-23 St. Louis Classic Team Central Levels 3-10 www.teamcentral.org
March 7-9 Tim Rand Invitational Fort Lauderdale, FL Levels 6-10


March 14-16 Levels 3-5 State St. Louis, MO    
March 21-23 Level 6-10 State Columbia, MO    
April 11-13 Regionals North Dakota Levels 8-10 www.region4gymnastics.com
May 2-4 Westerns Boise, ID Level 9 level9westerngymnastics.com
May 9-11 Nationals Jackson, MS Level 10  
St. Louis Gymnastics Centre - (314) 968-9494 (voice) - (314) 968-9581 (fax) - 315 W. Pacific Ave. - Webster Groves, MO 63119 - Directions - Email Us



There is no doubt that joining one of our competitive teams is a significant commitment of time, effort, and money.   Is it worth it?  Most parents will say that other than family life, team involvement becomes the most significant event in their child’s life.  Besides the obvious physical benefits, children who become involved in team rarely accept negative influences into their life.  They learn self-discipline, how to work as a member of a team, how to handle themselves in a large variety of situations and how to prioritize and manage their time.  Parents of our team members often comment that they wished they possessed their athlete’s discipline and time management skills!  Team kids are almost always excellent students. For these reasons and more, team membership is a wonderful, challenging journey.

Tuition Notes

 Team is year round: The decision to join our team is a big one and reflects a significant year round family commitment

Tuition is due regardless of attendance: Keep in mind, your monthly tuition would necessarily be higher if we had to take into account that some team members would be pro-rating tuition for one reason or another.  Just as rent is still due when you are away from home, so must you pay tuition even when your athlete is absent It is important to make this next point clear: team members do not move onto and off the team based on illness, injury, vacations, camps, schedule conflicts, or the like: you are either on the team or off the team.

Cancellations:  Each year you can expect to have a limited number of practices canceled due to holidays, coaches in-service days, meets, rest days after long meets, etc.  It may help you to realize that tuition is calculated on a 48 week year, meaning there are four weeks you are not paying for, usually enough to make up for any practices which are canceled due to meets hosted, weather, personal vacations, camps, etc. 

Injured gymnasts: Injured athletes are expected to participate in practice and gym activities to the extent possible.  It is often possible to work around injuries and turn a difficult situation into something positive by increased work on flexibility, strength, specific events or specific skills.  There is no reduction in tuition unless the injury takes you completely out of the gym for over one month and then only if the gymnast cannot participate in workouts in any way.  In that instance, tuition may be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

 Tuition policies:   Tuition is due in our office on or before the 10th day of each month.  You are entitled to a $5.00 discount if tuition is paid by the 10th day of the month.  The discount date is firm, as SLGC is serious about paying its financial obligations on time and this requires timely payment from you. If, for any reason, even with special arrangement, you pay after the 10th day of the month you forfeit the discount.  If you are out of town and cannot visit to pay, you may use the US mail to achieve a pre-10th postmark or phone in your payment using your credit card.  Unpaid balance over 60 days overdue may terminate you child’s participation at SLGC.  There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  Families with more than one child in our programs may deduct 20% from the next lower tuition and 25% from all additional lower tuitions.

 Tuition costs beginning 8/01/13


20        $335.00            -$5.00        $330.00

18        $320.00            -$5.00        $315.00      

16        $310.00            -$5.00        $305.00

15        $300.00            -$5.00        $295.00

14        $295.00            -$5.00        $290.00

13        $290.00            -$5.00        $285.00

12        $285.00            -$5.00        $280.00

10        $280.00            -$5.00        $275.00

 9        $275.00            -$5.00        $270.00

 8        $265.00            -$5.00        $260.00

 7        $259.00            -$5.00        $254.00  

 6        $254.00            -$5.00        $249.00

 5        $227.00            -$5.00        $222.00

 4        $209.00            -$5.00        $204.00  

Team Competitive Meet Fees 2013-2014

 Team Competitive meet fees are in addition to your monthly tuition and are the responsibility of each individual.

       Competitive meet fees include:

            1. Annual family Registration

            2. Individual meet entry fees

            3. Team entry fees

            4. Coaches meet session fees

            5. USAG & MO registration fees

            6. Competitive warm-ups

            7. Competition leotard (women’s team only)

To make competitive meet fee payments more efficient, deposits will be made 6 times during the season instead of payments due for each individual meet.

The deposit amounts are based and estimated on the previous competitive season. The following entry fees are not included in this estimate:  Regional and National Future Star Testing (men’s team only), and National competition entries. If the competitive deposits exceed the expenses, your credit balance will be applied to your account.  If the competitive deposits do not cover expenses incurred, a 7th deposit will be necessary.  If you are no longer a member of a SLGC competitive team, any money not withdrawn from your account will be refunded.

If your child cannot attend the meet, you need to notify the office and sign the sheet at the front desk. If you do not sign the sheet before the entry is sent, the individual meet entry fee will be withdrawn from your account. Team entry fees will be divided equally among all gymnasts for all meets that are included in our meet schedule. ALL MEETS ARE MANDATORY unless otherwise specified.

It is very important that the 6 competitive meet fee deposits are made in FULL payments on or before the deadline to ensure your child’s participation in the competitive program.  If the competitive meet fee deposits are not in your account your child will not be entered in the meets until your account is current.

DUE DATE      08/15       9/15        10/15   11/15     01/15       02/15

Women’s Teams

Level  3          $235        $235        $235     $235     $235        $235

Level  4          $275        $275        $275     $275     $275        $275

Level  5          $285        $285        $285     $285     $285        $285

Levels 6&7      $300        $300        $300     $300     $300        $300

Level  8          $335        $335        $335     $335     $335        $335

Level  9         $400        $400        $400     $400     $400        $400

Level  10         $425        $425        $425     $425     $425        $425

Men’s Team

Levels 4 & 5    $160        $160        $160     $160     $160        $160 

Level 6           $200        $200        $200     $200     $200        $200 

Level 7           $225        $225        $225     $225     $225        $225

Levels 8-9-10   $300        $300        $300     $300     $300        $300

 The due dates were selected to avoid December (holiday crunch)